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These images were chosen for the exhibition "Eyes All Around" at the Brook Theatre Gallery in Chatham in May 2011, organised by Medway Eyes, and showing the work of a dozen or so local photographers and artists. The theme of the exhibition was "to show the familiar sights of Medway in a new or unfamiliar way, and to point up the unfamiliar."

The images were arranged on black card with the location of each image roughly where you'd find them on a map of Medway. The images of Chatham town centre (bottom right) were deliberately black and white, to contrast with the colourful journey from Rochester Cathedral (top left).

It was a privilege to be invited to show some images alongside those of some very talented artists from the Medway Towns.
Image LayoutSubwayHeavensDrain ageBlack Boy AlleyCrow LaneHigh Street Stairs (No. 2)Stand Off At The RevenueSun PierConstellation TrolleyDisconnectLevel 4Brick 'n' concrete canyonNo Man's Land